As part of our services at our sleep apnea office, we offer a sleep apnea screening test for our patients called WatchPAT® One.

What is WatchPAT One?

WatchPAT One is a take-home sleep test that records the amount of time you sleep, your quality of sleep, oxygen levels, heart rate, snoring and body position. It is a single-use, disposable device that links to an app on your phone, which records your screening results. These results are then uploaded for our dentist to access and use in collaboration with your primary medical physician to determine your sleep apnea needs.

Why the WatchPAT One?

Sleep Well Southeast Texas uses this screening test because it has been shown to have a high level of accuracy in sleep apnea identification. It also provides a comprehensive, digital report of your sleep and breathing metrics, which can be accessed by your doctors wirelessly at any time. Its portable, disposable nature allows us to help patients who would otherwise have to travel long distances to participate in a sleep study at a sleep center.

Why Have a Sleep Test?

Our sleep screening test is a great way for patients to discover if they have sleep apnea and whether it is moderate or severe. This can help your primary physician with proper diagnosis. After you are diagnosed with a sleep disorder, our dentist and team can then provide customized solutions to help you regain a better night’s sleep, whether that is a mouth appliance or other CPAP alternative.

Want to learn more about the WatchPAT One sleep apnea screening test in League City, Texas? Call our office at 281-845-4792 and meet with Dr. Derek Tieken.