Sleep Apnea Dentist in League City, TX

Did you know that snoring may be one of the first signs that you have some type of sleep breathing disorder, like sleep apnea? Snoring happens when your airway is partially blocked by your tongue or collapsed throat tissue. Dr. Derek Tieken offers snoring treatment in League City, Texas, at Sleep Well Southeast Texas to help alleviate this breathing issue so you can breathe with ease as you sleep. Schedule visit with our dentist today to learn more by calling 281-845-4792.

Snoring can be a hassle, both to patients and their partners alike. We are here to help you find and address the root cause of your snoring to help you and your loved ones get better sleep. Snoring typically occurs when something has obstructed your airway while you sleep. This may be your tongue, collapsing soft tissues or large tonsils rolling back into your throat. Your upper airway can also narrow naturally as your airway muscles relax. Our dentist and team can offer snoring treatments to keep your airway clear as you sleep.

Our most common treatment for snoring is oral appliance therapy using a custom-made oral appliance. This is an appliance our team will design to fit your mouth comfortably while you sleep, holding your jaw in a position that prevents your tongue from rolling back or airway tissues from collapsing. By wearing your oral appliance when you sleep, we can ensure your airway stays clear of obstruction throughout the night. The appliance only needs to be worn while in use and can effectively minimize your snoring.

If you snore while you sleep and our looking for solutions, call or visit our office to schedule your consultation for an oral sleep appliance with our team. We look forward to helping you sleep peacefully!